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    Posted by EzePorch on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

    EzePorch Sunrooms By Rekal

    DIY Sunroom

    DIY Sunroom
    The EzePorch DIY Sunroom is a time tested, beautiful and affordable alternative to an expensive glass sunroom. We are simply the best when it comes to converting an existing covered porch or patio to a sun porch. All of our EzePorch patio rooms feature our EzePorch sliding window systems. If you enjoy the DIY approach, then our Sun Porch Kits are the way to go. Our Premier EzePorch System features a V4-Panel sliding window made with Vinyl Glazing! They are the absolute best value and the simplest to install. We even offer modular walls with screen only! Ready to set up and install in just minutes.
    This flexible glazing material is a transparent, 10 mill premium vinyl and is such that you can press your hand into and it will give and then return to normal once your hand is removed! Unlike glass, the Memory Vinyl is not breakable! This amazing product is perfect for all DIY Sunrooms. You can enjoy your new porch all year round when you choose an EzePorch DIY Patio Enclosure kit over conventional glass or screen.
    Here at, we custom build all of our Enclosed Patio Kits custom with the V-4track vinyl Porch windows and doors. We build them to fit your porch, instead of you building your porch to fit expensive standard windows and doors... By offering complete custom porch enclosure solutions, we actually help you save money by not having to modify your existing sun space! So, you no longer need to rebuild your Patio Room, Sunroom or Sun Porch to fit the windows!


    Some of the unique benefits that homeowners experience with our systems over glass windows are:


    Vertical 4 Track Sliding Panels are made of a rugged 10 mil thick vinyl glazing. This makes them lightweight and as such far less expensive than glass windows. If they accidentally get cut or damaged, They are easy and inexpensive to repair. Super Tuff 10 mill Viny Glazing

     All of's Vertical 4 Track Sliding Panels are a snap to clean! Simply clean the windows using a solution of mild Dawn dish detergent and water.

    These sliding porch panels are designed specifically to blend seamlessly with the style of any home.
    They can be raised or lowered allowing the capture of the breeze or if desired, the vents can be taken out completely in the summer and stored for use when the weather starts to get colder.
    EzePorch offers Vertical 4 Track Sliding Panels that are available in different tints that provide privacy from the neighbors.
    In addition to vertical 4track units, side sliders are also available. With just a touch of your finger they will open from the side and gently roll on the corrosion free nylon rollers.
    The Styleline Riviera Vertical 4-Track Window Systems offered by are the perfect choice to enclose your porch, deck or patio because you can easily remove the panels any time and put them back in whenever you want.

    Riviera 4Panel Vertical Sliding Panels

    Check out our Premier 4Track window Product line!

    Riviera V4 Panel Windows

    These easy-to-open/easy-to-close Aluminum Framed / Vinyl Glazed windows with fully screened openings provide an attractive and versatile way to enjoy the seasons. Give your guests a relaxing way to enjoy your company or just enjoy the ambience of outdoor living without the insects. When closed, the tinted windows provide privacy, protection from the summer sun or protection from changeable weather. Season after season, say goodbye to pollen and hello to the Styleline Riviera V4 window system. Riviera offers more enjoyment from your outdoor living area.

    Did you know that the vinyl in the EzePorch sliding panels filters out 99% of harmful UV rays? This helps keep furnishings looking new for years tocome!

    Because Riviera V4 Sliding Panel Windows are custom-made, they can be manufactured to fit existing openings without reframing or for a completely new structure designed specifically for your needs. Rekal Company Inc. Is proud to offer this Innovative premium product direct to you the consumer. All specs and options available by request. Contact us today at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call us at 706-680-6639. Download the EzePorch Quote Request Form

    Why Riviera?

    • All Units are custom built to fit your needs
    • Factory direct shipping for singles, twins and triple units any were in the continental USA or Canada!
    • Standard and Designer colors available
    • The only 3 season Vinyl window brand in the USA to offer complete custom paint colors matched to your specs!
    • Super tuff 10 mill vinyl glazing, clear or tinted options
    • No cheap breakable plastic parts to wear out and cause damage to main frames like other brands
    • Many Screen options available, including pet screen and sunscreen as well as BetterView and many others
    • Lifetime Warranty on Frames with 10 Years on 10 mill vinyl glazing and screens!
    • DIY Friendly installation with standard 1/4 cutback from day light opening
    • Made to 1/8 inch increments for the DIY guy that wants that perfect fit every time!
    • Need custom or standard matching doors? No problem. No custom upcharge for custom sizes!
    • Double doors with v4 system also available
    • Completely Made in the USA
    • Super easy operation and vent removal for storage and cleaning
    • Interchangeable vents, tint the top and swap to bottom anytime for additional privacy
    • Units come completely assembled and ready to set into your openings!
    • Color matched installation screws and Window Cleaner included with every order, compliments of Styleline!
    • Complete engineered drawings available upon request
    • Short lead times and professional customer service make Riviera the best choice for your new porch enclosure
    • The list just keeps going!

    EzePorch V4Track Panels

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    Do It Yourself with


    Rekal Company, Inc. is excited to offer you 4track Sliding Panel Systems as a complete Do-It-Yourself Porch Enclosure Solution.

    The Vertical 4 Track Systems offered by Rekal Company Inc. are time tested and proven porch enclosure systems that are completely custom fabricated to fit your home. Through Rekal Company, Inc.'s innovation and expertise, these fine Styleline, Riviera V4Track Windows are finally available for sale directly to homeowners and to building contractors for purchase and installation themselves or for their customers!EzePorch Panels in Installed into Wood Openings

    At the Rekal Company, Inc. we take pride in the fact that we are the #1 direct source for Vertical 4Track Sliding Panel Systems.
    Combined, our EzePorch representatives have over 40 years of experience in the home construction and remodeling industry. Our Sales Director, Sean Laker worked directly for PGT® as a Factory Certified FIeld service tech as well as the S.E. Regional Territory Sales Manger for over 18 1/2 years. Sean has over 30 years of experience with measuring, selling and installing the Eze-Breeze® product line, and other Vertical 4 Track Systems including the Styleline,Riviera V4Track Sliding Window System. We have the knowledge and the skill to get it right the first time!

    We are the "EzePorch Experts" and take pride in our reputation for top notch customer service and the sale of quality products. We are not a big box outlet; we are a family owned business and take a personal interest in all of our customers. Our commitment to your satisfaction stands tall above all others in the industry. Our business is designed around amazing products and excellence in customer service. We do EzePorches 24-7-365!


    We have the know-how and experience needed to insure each custom project will meet or exceed our clients' expectations. Our goal is to insure that our customers are delighted and completely satisfied with the product as well as the service and support they receive when they decide to install our EzePorch System as their porch & patio enclosure.


    Eze-Breeze® was developed in Florida back in 1981 by Vinyl Tech, Inc. now known world wide as PGT® Industries. It was introduced as a porch window solution to use on golf courses across the south eastern US. Since that time, similar Vertical 4 Track Systems have become available from other manufacturers, including the Riviera Vertical 4Track porch window. Both of these products are proudly offered by Rekal Company, Inc. and are distributed through a network of home improvement specialists around the globe!
    Rekal Company. Inc. offers the EzePorch DIY products to customers all across North America. They no stranger to Canada. We have even shipped orders into Europe and down under in Australia.
    The 10 Mill Vinyl Glazing and the Powder Coated Aluminum Finish are virtually indestructible and can withstand the test of time. They stand strong for many years in most any climate.EzePorches can handle the arctic cold and the summer heat. They are tuff and durable in any environment and retain their reputation as the easiest porch window systems to operate ever made. These V4Panel-4Track Sliding panel systems allow you to enjoy your 3 Season Porch in ways you've never imagined.
    With EzePorch, you can quickly close up and protect your porch or screen room when an unexpected thunderstorm pops up or when a major dusting of spring pollen threatens to cover everything in an itchy coat of that green stuff. No worries! It’s a snap to stop Mother Nature from spoiling the festivities, while still enjoying the day.

    Floor to Ceiling Protection

    Measuring & Installation of the Vertical 4 Track products proudly offered by is simple, just email, or fax us with your opening sizes in inches and we will provide a clean professional quote that will include all fees. including freight, to be shipped directly to your door!
    Once you receive your windows, simply remove them from the packaging and install them into your openings. They come complete with screen and fully assembled. We provide detailed and complete measuring and installation instructions with every order. These instructions are available for quick and easy download anytime you need them. We also provide one on one design consultation and installation instruction to each and every customer.Complete documentation is available via fax or email anytime you like. We also have factory trained and certified personnel on staff that can be reached even on weekends (Except most major Holidays) to assist with those un-foreseen questions that seem to pop up from time to time. Pick up the phone and give us a ring, you will be glad you did!

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    How Eze is it to do it yourself?


    EzePorch Do It yourself porch enclosures with Sliding Panels from Rekal Company, Inc.  We now offer an affordable way to enclose your existing porch. Measure, request quote, order and install your own EzePorch Enclosure in no time!


    To see how Easy it is!


    Don't Just Screen it, EzePorch It!

    Do you love your screen porch or deck, but find you can’t use it? Is pollen, mold and mildew keeping you from enjoying your patio? Do the bugs run you back inside?


    Do it yourself and Install the EzePorch Systems! These systems are custom designed to fit your existing architecture, built on your deck or patio, or crafted from the ground up. Open your porch or patio room when you want to, close it when you need to. Let our EzePorch experts help you choose and install a sliding panel system for your home from one of the several lines of products we offer.


    The Versatile EzePorch enclosure system.

    Features and Benefits:
    • Eze-Breeze_RetrofitConvert an existing deck, screen porch or patio into a custom designed sunroom with perfect symmetry
    • From order to installation in only 2 to 4 weeks
    • Do it Yourself without the fuss and bother of traditional construction in a matter of hours!
    • Panels that glide up and down for that screen porch feel
    • Protects you from the wind, rain, insects, dirt and pollen
    • Panels that lift out for easy cleaning
    • 10 Memory Vinyl glazed tough material that is shatterproof, and flexes to return to form
    • Tint options to provide shade, privacy and prevent furniture fading
    • Maintenance free aluminum framework
    • Custom designed panels that can extend from floor to ceiling for unobstructed viewing
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty

    It's almost like adding another room to your home at a fraction of the cost.





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    EzePorch Do It yourself porch enclosures with Sliding Panels from Rekal Company, Inc.  We now offer an affordable way to enclose your existing porch. Measure, request quote, order and install your own EzePorch Enclosure in no time!


    To see how Easy it is!

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